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Oda Relicta

"Straw Bells"


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Release: 2015
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Oda Relicta - Straw Bells CD

Oda Relicta hailing from the Ukrainian city Zhytomyr was organized by Olegh Kolyada, a musician known for his electronic experiments since 1998, mainly due to his projects First Human Ferro, Ost-arbeiter and In Meditarivm. Oda Relicta was created in 2005 with the intention to represent the legacy of the local military orchestra - Zhytomyr Military Brass Orchestra, where Olegh Kolyada's uncle was involved into while serving in the army. Hence a military component of the project is the marches, and improvisations upon classical works performed throughout 1990s-2005 by the local orchestra mentioned.

STRAW BELLS is basically a compilation of unreleased tracks recorded between 2005-2010.

An amazing set of songs that will surprise the fans!
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1.Chant To Vulture
2.Heavenly Trumpeter
3.Pantheon Of Glory (Folk Version) With :golgatha:
4.Under-Aged Veteran (Original Version)
5.Svyatyy Yuriy Zmiyeborets / Saint George
6.Night Of Purple Fires
7.In The Dug-Out / Zemlyanka
8.Heights Where Dreams Dwell
9.Behind Barbed Wire
10.Well-Spring For The Thirsty
11.Europa Di Notte
12.Straw-Clad Souls