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Oda Relicta

"The Crown & the Plug"


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Release: 2014
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Oda Relicta - The Crown & the Plug CD

Finallly a re-release of the now classic ODA RELICTA debut from 2007, incl. bonus-track!

Majestically conducted hymns, marches and neo folk ballads bring forth a refined album that established this project's reputation. This re-issue comes in all new artwork and a previously unreleased version of the introductory track, featuring Louisa John-Krol! Digipak edition with brilliant artwork by ‘Nihil Design Studio’, limited to 300 copies only!
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InfraRot item number:9943.674
Label's catalogue number:TW1.122
1.Introitus Nocturnus (Feat. Louisa John-Krol)
2.Aurora In The Icon-Lamp
3.Ave Ploughman The Golden
4.Ave Rex Luciferi
5.Ave Rex Crowned With Laurel
6.Ave Ploughman Lauriferi
7.Ave Ploughman The Dusky
8.Ave Rex Vesperi
9.Angel Upon Throne
10.Zenith Of Valour
11.Marching In Flames
12.Outroitus Nocturnus