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Release: 2014
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Oil 10 - Modularium CD

Almost 1 year after it’s first announcement, and after countless problems and delays of various nature, OIL 10 is back with Modularium, the new full length album for seven years! A majestic journey creating infinite spaces into which you'll project deep feelings and lost epic memories. This unique kaleidoscopic mix of ancient drum machine pulses, retro-synths, warm sequences and captivating melodies swirls and envelopes you in an ultimate sonic odyssey.

Since 1998, the French project Oil 10 has produced pure electronic tracks in which powerful, elegant and analogical sounds mix-up. Gilles Rossire shows that research doesn't always mean icy hermetism and achieves a terrific fusion between ambient and electro. His approach can be explained by the diversity of his influences: essential first albums of Kraftwerk or Tangerine ream, Klaus Schulze, Brian Eno, LFO, Pan sonic, FSOL, Autechre, Dead Can Dance, the 80s electro pop scene (OMD, Freur, Fad Gadget, Ultravox, Depeche Mode...) and electronic heirs (IAMX, Goldfrapp, Ladytron,..).
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1.Eternal Sunshine 05:45
2.Moonstone 04:39
3.Missing Future 06:51
4.Human Decision Required 05:23
5.Shadowland 04:01
6.Spin 05:39
7.Rise From The Styx 04:40
8.Midnight Radio 03:58
9.Things To Come 04:28
10.Voyager's Return 05:59