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"Stigma (Limited Edition)"

CD + Buch

Veröffentlichung: 2021
Status: Versandbereit in 2-4 Tagen
ojeRum - Stigma (Limited Edition) CD + Buch

A retrospective of artworks by Danish artist øjeRum (Paw Grabowski) exploring the complex relationship of humans and plants. Extending far back into our joint evolutionary history our deep relationship with, and understanding of, plants has enabled us to harness their nutritional, medicinal, and aesthetic benefits. Plants are central to our well-being, not only as food, but also as key components of our cultures, religions, and medicines. Through a unique hand collage technique, this series delves deeply into man’s connection to the natural world. It is a surrealist herbarium that intertwines bodies, minds and nervous systems through the vastness of plants, vines and flowers species. The major global challenges we face also impact our relationship with plants; we must protect their biodiversity, which holds vital information and solutions that can help us to cope with these problems. Plants are the life line that sustain humans and animals, and this book is an homage to our shared history.

Hardcover book, thread-sewn binding. 176mmm ...
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Label:Cyclic Law
1.Stigma I
2.Stigma Ii