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Olga Kouklaki

"Remixed EP (Limited Red Vinyl)"


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Release: 2015
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Olga Kouklaki - Remixed EP (Limited Red Vinyl) LP

Limited to 200 copies in transparent RED Vinyl

A bouquet of inspired remixes ranging from dark and italo to scnadinavian dance style, on selected tracks of Kouklaki’s smashing Electro hit-album "I U Need" from 2012. Tasteful, unexpected, fascinating and a real collector's deligh, as it brings together Marsheaux, Telemusic Allstars (Kid Loco & Mr. Gee), Nouvelle Vague and Jori Hulkkonen, Marcello Giordani and TT & CJ plus ΝΤΕΙΒΙΝΤ. Don't miss a beat.
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1.Kouklaki~Olga · Who Are You Ft Tim Keegan (Nouvelle Vague Remix) 3:56
2.Kouklaki~Olga · Hollow Lives Ft Liset Alea (Tt&cj Remix) 6:16
3.Kouklaki~Olga · I U Need (Jori Hulkkonen Remix) 7:10
4.Kouklaki~Olga · Antivirus (Nteibint Remix) 4:31
5.Kouklaki~Olga · Antivirus (Telemusic All Stars Kid Loco & Mr Gee Remix) 5:02
6.Kouklaki~Olga · Antivirus (Teeel Remix) 3:43
7.Kouklaki~Olga · Hollow Lives Ft Liset Alea (Marcello Giordani Remix) 6:46
8.Kouklaki~Olga · Antivirus (Marsheaux Remix) 4:33