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Omne Datum Optimum

"La Part des Anges"


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Release: 2014
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Omne Datum Optimum - La Part des Anges CD

In Jewel-Box with silk-printed CD-Sleeve and 12 pages full-colour booklet.

After ‘Les Moissons Ecarlates’ (on Cynfeirrd) of 3 years ago, OMNE DATUM OPTIMUM returns with a self-produced album, distributed by Infrastition. Sometimes a bit baroque, sometimes more medieval, ‘La Part des Anges’ features the classic atmospheres of ODO: soprano flute (recorder), zither, percussions with male vocals and some counter-tenor voices or monk choirs. The new album is very much in the vein of "Les Moissons Ecarlates" but more approachable. The Album features 7 all new tracks for around 45 minutes duration. An interesting cover of a piece by Monteverdi and a very nice version of a French song of Guillaume de Machaut make this album a very good surprise for this still young year 2014!
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1.Procession Pour Saint-Nicodème
2.Le Roi A Fait Battre Tambour
3.La Chute D’Oliferne
5.La Complainte D’Albarine Alabastane
6.Lamento Della Ninfa – Amor
7.Doulce Dame Jolie