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"Afflux 2014-2018"


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Release: June 2018
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Ontal - Afflux 2014-2018 CD

In HANDS Paper Pack!

Hot on the heels of the “Amass” album, Ontal grace the crowd again with a special treat: A collection of ten tracks from their infamous vinyl only releases, selected club tunes (that actually appeared between 2014 and 2016), plus all-new remixes by label mates Geistform and New Frames, as well as greek producer Unhuman. By its very nature, this is a display of Ontal’s mastery of rhythmic force, immediate and undiluted industrial techno the way it’s done and why it rules supreme. “Afflux” is a trip through the rather recent history of a style that is more present-day than any.

The “Afflux” is a notably rough collection of tracks with a mission: Physical arousal by means of bulging beats and an unsettling omnipresence of noise! For the audience, “Afflux 2014-2018” may serve as a rougher twin to “Amass”, as well as a treasury of highly potential club tunes, with the diversion provided by the exclusive remixes putting the icing on the cake proper!
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5.Combat Engineering
6.Critical Path Method
7.Shock 08 Taphonomy
9.Chaos Theory
10.Function (Geistform Rmx)
11.Mehanizam (New Frames Rmx)
12.Shock (Unhuman Rmx)