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"Amass (Limited Edition)"


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Release: November 2017
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Ontal - Amass (Limited Edition) 2LP

Limited and hand-numbered edition of strictly 600, coming inside HEAVY Gatefold Sleeve!

Since 2011 Ontal have shaped their reputation as spearheads of the industrial techno faction, and with their sophomore album, they join HANDS in an intuitive liaison: Beats and filth, club appeal and noisy debris are the shared agenda. And yet, the sound of “Amass” is more than a combination, a hybrid of styles, but a coherent flow of dark rhythmic and experimental music that touches the conscience of the industrial aficionado. The amassed consciousness of a genre, conveyed in an album that will generate massive crossover appeal!
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1.A1 First Sign
2.A2 Improvidence
3.B1 M134
4.B2 Defeated Obstacles
5.B3 Lose Control
6.C1 For Industrial People
7.C2 2416
8.C3 Solidification
9.D1 Pareidolia
10.D2 Pareidolia Part 2
11.D3 Pressure Rise Equation