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"Ego (Rerelease)"


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Release: September 2019
Status: Ready to be shipped in 7-10 days
Oomph! - Ego (Rerelease) 2LP

Black double Vinyl in Gatefold Cover

Re-Issue 2019 incl. Bonustracks

In the summer of 2001 OOMPH! unleashed album number seven: Ego managed to stay in the German album charts for weeks and weeks. It wasn`t just the single ‘Supernova’ that turned out to be a dark, über-catchy hit loaded with synthesizers and monolithic riffing – the whole album stands out as a prime example for the perfect balance between killer melodies and aggressive outbursts. The reissue features two exclusive bonus tracks: ‘Niemand‘ and the unplugged version of ‘Swallow‘
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Label:Napalm Rec.
1.1 Ego
2.2 Supernova
3.3 Willst Du Frei Sein?
4.4 Drop The Lie
5.5 Bitter
6.1 Transformation
7.2 Atem
8.3 Serotonin
9.4 Swallow
10.5 Viel Zu Tief
11.1 My Darkest Cave
12.2 Rette Mich
13.3 Who You Are
14.4 Kontrollverlust
15.1 Dopamin
16.2 Träum Weiter
17.3 Niemand
18.4 Swallow (Unplugged In Version)