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"Plastik (Rerelease)"


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Release: September 2019
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Oomph! - Plastik (Rerelease) CD

OOMPH! finally arrived on Germany`s biggest stages and claimed the throne with über-hits ‘Das weiße Licht‘ and ‘Fieber‘ (feat. Nina Hagen). Plastik brought the band hordes of new fans and tons of mainstream media coverage upon its release in 1999. A mature and varied beast of an album that managed to keep a certain rough appeal and thoughtful lyrics despite all the catchiness. The reissue of this classic cut features the OOMPH! remix of ’Fieber’ and live versions of ‘Unsere Rettung‘ and ‘Gekreuzigt‘ as a bonus.
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Label:Napalm Rec.
1.1 Das Weisse Licht
2.2 Kennst Du Mich?
3.3 Scorn
4.4 Keine Luft Mehr
5.5 Hunger
6.6 Nothing Is Real
7.7 Mein Traum
8.8 Always
9.9 Goldenes Herz
10.I Come Alive
11.Fieber Feat. Nina Hagen
12.My Own Private Prison
13.Das Weisse Licht (Refraction)
14.Fieber (Remix By Oomph!)
15.Unsere Rettung (Live)
16.Gekreuzigt (Live)