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Opened Paradise




Veröffentlichung: 2012
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Opened Paradise - Occult CD

The extremely gifted Gothic Rock act Opened Paradise were formed in Summer 2003. Through sound and vision, they wanted to express all that in years passed were held within. Inspired by bands like Fields of the Nephilim, Garden Of Delight, Nosferatu, but also by a variety of sounds, they created a mixture of tempting, aggressive and at the same time atmospheric music, surrounded by emotions of hope and revival. Optical visions for the eyes of the listener Thoughts of past lives places and ages that time itself has forgotten.

'Occult' is the outcome of hard work and it fully represents the emotional status of the band. The album has been mixed by Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) and mastered by Artaud Seth (Garden Of Delight, Lutherion, Merciful Nuns).

The album 'Occult' was first released in 2006 and has been deleted since. It is regarded as one of the best albums of the genre and Darkside Records finally decided to give in to the big demand, and decided for this deluxe re-release.
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1.Dancing With Shadows
2.Hopes On Crystal
3.Deep Waters
4.Praye3rs For The Damned
5.Opened Paradise
7.All Dreams Like Men
8.Distant Walks Through Shifting Light