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Ora Iso

"Image Certifies"


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Release: June 2018
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Ora Iso - Image Certifies LP

Regis’ Downwards label presents an album of heavy hearted industrial songs from Ora Iso, making a kind of windswept, slowed-down and gothic pop variant that’s essential listening if yr into HTRK, Tropic of Cancer or Clay Rendering.

Ora Iso are an NYC-hailing band revolving around Indonesian-Australian, Kathleen Malay and New Yorker, Jason Kudo. Building on the rubbly ground of their Bathcat debut for Ba Da Bing!, the duo’s mutual sense of entropy and ennui results in a classically scorched sound in Image Certifies, one laced with scornful sarcasm and a general dissatisfaction with the world, and yet somehow bolstered by the slightest promise of hope.

Weighing in their heavy, bleeding ...
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1.No Fish
2.Deep Fix
3.Dead Riot
4.Keep Your Boots On
5.Pour It On Me
6.From The Hallway To The Door
7.Digital Crutch
8.Skipped And Completed
9.Wicked Game
10.Have I Gone Too Far
11.Pleasure Bites