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Release: 2019
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Orange Sector - Alarm CD

February 22nd 2019 will see the release of ALARM the all new studio album by Orange Sector.

The album reflects the world we live in so the name alarm fits like a fist on the eye. Alarm is a warning to show upcoming danger and get your attention. „The world we live in has become ridiculous and it has never been more easy to find inspiration for lyrics“ says Lars Falker. „We cannot live free and without sorrows anymore“. The lyrics are agains racism, politics, destruction, hate and force. Songwriter Martin says „it’s a sort of rebellion we like to point out our swim against the tide“.

Music wise the band stays ...
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1.Wir Sind Mehr
2.Die Fahne
3.I Spit On You
5.The Face Of Violence
6.Es Ist Nicht Zu Spät
11.Die Fahne (Single Mix)