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Orange Sector

"Alles Wird Gold"


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Release: 2021
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Orange Sector - Alles Wird Gold CD

After three years of silence Orange Sector return in December with their new studio album ALLES WIRD GOLD. „The color gold is a symbol for a great team work we had while producing this album and that we are really satisfied with the final product“ says Martin Bodewell. The work together on ALLES WIRD GOLD was way more intense this time and you can obviously hear it. Martin did the pre-production on 20 songs in his home studio before they entered the „Wellencocktail“ studio to give the songs their final touch. Lars did most of the lyric writing and vocal melody creation while Rene created some shout vocals and audio content which were sent back an forth before finalizing the „puzzle“ ALLES WIRD GOLD. Orange Sector did not reinvent themself, they wanted to produce an album in the typical Orange Sector sound, short, powerful and „on target“. Compared to the previous album „Alarm“ the new album got some more melodies. Lyric wise the album covers topics such as internet hate speech, general hate & violence as well as current catastrophes. While producing ALLES WIRD GOLD the band was confronted with the topic of internet hate speech especially in social media and as a result songs like FICK DICH and KLEINGEIST were created. „The evolution of our society is alarming, musicians which work with their heart on music are often attacked by people anonymously in social media with all kinds of hate speech and badmouthing. The variety in culture is what makes it so colorful and every musician should get respect“ says Lars. Now Orange Sector studio album number 12 (!) is ready with a lot of hard work and passion! THE WORK IS DONE!
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4.Der Totmacher
5.Fick Dich
6.Alles Ist Grau
8.Te Amo
9.The Work Is Done
10.No Justice No Peace