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Orange Sector

"Monoton E.P."


Release: 2015
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Orange Sector - Monoton E.P. CD

Since the beginning of the so called „80s“ the term „Electronic Body Music“ has established itself as a part of the global electronic music movement. Pulsating basses and machine like rhythms have become the trademark of a whole music scene. Bands like Nitzer Ebb, Front 242 or Pouppee Fabrikk are named to be the pioneers of this movement. „Orange Sector“ are part of the so called „second wave“ of the EBM scene with a history of 23 years, 12 album releases, several E.P.s and singles. The new „Monoton E.P.“ is the first part of a planned trilogy featuring 4 songs and 3 remixes (by NZ, Agrezzior and Celluloid). This new 7 track CD is by far the most strong release by Martin Bodewell and Lars Felker to date. Tanzbefehl!
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2.Es Ist So Wie Es Ist
3.Alles Ist Falsch
4.Ich Bin Keine Maschine
5.Monoton (Nz Remix)
6.Monoton (Agrezzior Remix)
7.Monoton (Celluloide Remix)