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Orange Sector

"Night Terrors"


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Release: 2015
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Orange Sector - Night Terrors CD

After their debut album „Faith“ back in the days on the legendary Zoth Ommog label „Orange Sector“ took a break before they did return in 2005 with their „Best of“ Release „Here we are (back again)“. Ten years after this come back the two man EBM pioniers from Hannover/Germany return with „Night Terrors“. Ten massive new EBM songs plus three great mixes are the result of this new production! The opening track „Braindead“ marches through your brain reminding one of the good old puristic Nitzer Ebb style. „Monoton“ is a typical Orange Sector smash followed by the main single song „Glasmensch“. „Burn in Hell“, german „Rebell“ and „Protest“ are pure dance floor hits before songs such as „Das erfrorene Herz“, „Wir sind Mensch“ and „Z.O.M.B.I.E.“ slow down the speed a bit. „Das letzte Lied“ (the last song) and the mixes of „Burn in Hell“, „Rebell“ as well as the massive „Martin Bodewell Remix“ of „Sturm“ speed up things to the end of this EBM smash album! Pure EBM at it’s best!
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4.Burn In Hell
7.Das Erfrorene Herz
8.Wir Sind Mensch
10.Das Letzte Lied
11.Burn In Hell (Fucking Lies Mix)
12.Rebell (Club Mix)
13.Sturm (Martin Bodewell Remix)