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Orange Sector

"Vorwärts Nach Weit"


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Release: 2013
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Orange Sector - Vorwärts Nach Weit CD

After three years "Orange Sector" return with their massive studio album "Vorwärts nach Weit"! After the release of the already sold out limited E.P. "Der Maschinist" the band is now celebrating their 10th studio album to date!

The Title of the album is connected to the bands hometown "Hannover" and shows the connection the band hast to this town in the middle of "Niedersachsen".

"Vorwärts nach Weit" is again a pure EBM album with very catchy vocals and deep machine beats! German and english lyrics are mixed to give the album a lot of variety in it's full! After their successor "Krieg & Frieden" they strike back to improve their status in the EBM scene! Orange Sector are unique and one of the very few true inovators when it comes to EBM!
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Label's catalogue number:FACT 3223
1.Mein Kreuz
2.Vorwärts Nach Weit
3.Alles Dreht Sich Im Kreis
4.Take My Pain
5.John Kills
6.Volle Kraft Voraus
7.Der Maschinist
8.Geile Zeit
9.Life Is Fading Away
11.Tränen In Der Tiefe
13.Mein Kreuz (Miniton Mix)
14.Vorwärts Nach Weit (Index Mix)
15.John Kills (Wellencocktail Remix)
16.Mein Kreuz (Skyla Vertex Remix)