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Release: 2012
Status: Sold out
Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Four CD

Historically, released in 2007, 'Four' was the ep interlacing the last two albums Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio put out on Cold Meat Industry, and an augury of the popularity the band would subsequently achieve with their quality blend of neofolk, martial industrial and melodic compositions. On 'Four' it was the first time Tomas Pettersson would use his distinct voice to sing rather than recite. 'Four' also constituted the first output on the Raubbau label, and upon its release the original vinyl picture disc edition almost instantly sold out. So it comes as no surprise that there has been a high demand to make these tracks available again to O.R.E.'s evergrowing following.

Raubbau gives in to public ...
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InfraRot item number:2011.332
Label's catalogue number:raub-004
1.Reclaiming That Which Is Ours/Singing For The Angel Of The East
2.Which Word Confines The Truth/Dancing To The Sound Of Love & War
3.The Future Is Today
4.I Am The Sun/Anus Dei
5.Reclaiming That Which Is Ours/Singing For... (Mikael StavÖstrand Remix
6.Which Word Confines The Truth/Dancing To... (Empusae Remix)
7.The Future Is Today (Arcana Remix)
8.I Am The Sun/Anus Dei (Thirteenth Exile Remix)
9.Reclaiming That Which Is Ours/Singing For... (Fredrik Leijström Remix)
10.Which Word Confines The Truth/Dancing To... (Tarmvred Remix)
11.The Future Is Today (Geneviève Pasquier Remix)
12.I Am The Sun/Anus Dei (Xotox Remix)
13.The Future Is Today (Spiral69 Remix)