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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio

"Let's Play [Two Girls & a Goat] (Limited Purple and Silver)"


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Release: May 2020
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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Let's Play [Two Girls & a Goat] (Limited Purple and Silver) 2LP

Seven years ago, Tomas Petterson started to write the masterpiece of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio. Now it is finally finished: An album that crushes the borders of Neofolk with overwhelming musical sense and deep, poetic words. „Let‘s Play“ is more than the next album of this exceptional band, it is the rise for the stars and a sound-built manifest of art.

The long composing time reflects ...
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Label:Out Of Line
1.A1 Forty Years After Null (There’S No Answer To The Riddle)
2.A2 Two Girls And A Goat (I Never Knew….)
3.A3 Evil Wears A Mask With Your Name
4.A4 I Met Jesus In A Dream (Till Illusions Fall Apart)
5.B1 Let's Play Said The Rose To The Goat
6.B2 This Is Life This Is War (Let’S Play And Make Believe)
7.B3 This Knife Will Steal You Heart - Let's Waken The Judas In You
8.B4 There's No Pride Love Is Dead (Kiss My Eyes And Crush My Head)
9.C1 Anoint Me With Vomit, And Desecrate My Beliefs
10.C2 There’S A Chalice With My Semen (And Another With My Blood)
11.C3 [Social Darwinist Contortion] Who Is Born To Rule The World?
12.C4 Ménage À Trois - There Is Nothing To Regret
13.C5 The Hierophant & The Devil (You Taste Like Innocence, And Broken Dreams)
14.D1 From Copenhagen With Love
15.D2 A Man Without War, Is A Man Without Peace
16.D3 First Death [Every Man Is A Moth To The Flame]
17.D4 I A M The Sweetest Of Devils