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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio

"Ménage a Quatre (Limited Edition)"


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Release: February 2021
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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Ménage a Quatre (Limited Edition) CD

The place where Life and Death come together, where the fire of sensualism rises to the skies, where the orgy of the unregretted sin becomes the celebration of doom is the place where Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio gain their inspiration. „Ménage A Quatre“ unifies light and loopy mood with the dark and sinister to pure Apocalyptic Pop seing a promise even in the end.

The epic of Ordo Rosarius Eqiulibrio is made of the quiet notes, the swelling, the small details building up themselves to big sound art pieces. „Ménage A Quatre“ shall not only be an appetizer for the upcoming album „Let‘s Play“: The music of „Ménage A Quatre“ is a convergence of the old and the new Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio“, vocalist Tomas Petterson comments, „In between the beginning and the end there are so many things. Joy and despair, love and demoralization, fire and death. That’s what we portray.“ „Ménage A Quatre“ will be released as CD strictly limited to 1000 and pink-transparent vinyl strictly limited on 500.
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Label:Out Of Line
1.Ménage À Trois (There Is Nothing To Regret)
2.Believe In Me (We Are One)
3.Kiss Me Now (And I'll Be Silent Just 4 You)
4.4 All Our Scissor Sisters