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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio

"Vision: Libertine – The Hangman's Triad"


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Release: June 2020
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Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio - Vision: Libertine – The Hangman's Triad 2LP

After a prolonged hiatus, Swedish cult-band Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio returns with the new double album project “Vision: Libertine – The Hangman's Triad“, an ambitious and effective marriage of the future and the past.

Sometimes, an extraordinary artistic vision ...
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Label:Out Of Line
Label's catalogue number:OUT 787/788
1.A1 . Eschatos And Hedone - The Killing Of Ataraxia
2.A2 Post-Evangelical Pilgrimage (Thus Spoke Tomas)
3.A3. Flesh 4 Flesh & Kingdom Comes
4.A4. If Love Was A Crooked Cross And God Was A Girl
5.B1. The Fire, The Fool And The Harlot (The Hangman’S Triad)
6.B2. The Name Of The Star Is Called: Wormwood
7.B3. Holy Blood, Holy Union
8.C1. The Misanthropic Polygamist (How Gods Dream)
9.C2. Vision Libertine (The Magnificence Of Nihilism)
10.C3. Venus In Nothing But Nylons And Pearls
11.C4. The White Rose Of Dysphemism
12.D1. Snow-White Were The Stains And Paraphilia Was Her Name
13.D2. The Tribalism Of Tribadism (Evil Men Have No Songs)
14.D3. Four Pretty Little Horses And The Four Last Things On Earth