InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Organic Cage

"Brain Surgery Machine"



Release: 2012
Status: Sold out
Organic Cage - Brain Surgery Machine CD

Following up on the 'Kill Your TV' digital EP released back in May 2011, 'Brain Surgery Machine' continues his path of destruction with 12 new tracks and 2 remixes. While 'Kill Your TV' was aimed squarely at the dance floor, 'Brain Surgery Machine' widens that focus with slower, grinding tracks (Edgegner, The Final Destination, The Grudge of Euphoria) but also has plenty of blistering dance floor bombs (Eat Your God, Der Letzte Macht Das Licht Aus).
InfraRot sales rank:-
InfraRot item number:2010.371
Label:Vendetta Music
Label's catalogue number:VM0037
1.The Crawling
2.Extreme Paranoid Conditions
3.Eat Your God
4.Planet Starbucks
5.In Your Hextended Hatework
6.The Grudge Of Euphoria
7.Der Letzte Macht Das Licht Aus
8.Wishing Hell
10.Brain Surgery Machine
11.Mitten Ins Gesicht (Right Into Your Face)
12.The Final Destination
13.Jack Daniel'z (Drunk By Chainreactor)
14.Endgegner (Revolution State Remix)