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Release: 2014
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Ost+Front - Liebeslied Single/7

“Liebeslied”? Oh please… not another love song! Not another soothing ballad blatantly dripping with pathos right on time for the Christmas business! Anyone already prematurely coughing up bile expecting an unbearable overdose of emotional sweetness will be comforted to know that all is not as it seems and that the Berliners have not strayed from their trademark course of writing bitingly cynical songs laced with ice-cold irony. Hence, “Liebeslied” is not your run-of-the-mill emotional kitsch but rather a quite caustic ode to love itself. The song is also quite a massive and addictively catchy ride on a wall of extra-fat guitars with adequately anthemic qualities. The b-side “Winter Ade” almost feels like an antithesis to the impulsive title track, telling a tragic story in measured, elegiac bombast and delivering emotional impact in a rather nihilistic fashion. The classy white 7” vinyl single is strictly limited to 388 hand numbered copies and serves as the ideal appetizer for the upcoming album “Olympia”, scheduled for release in early 2014. A must-own for fans and the ideal gift to celebrate a slightly off-beat Holiday Season!
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Label:Out Of Line
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2.Winter Ade