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"Paradise down South"


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Release: 2013
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Ostara - Paradise down South CD

Compact Disc in special screen printed packaging One of the most prestigeous and legendary Neofolk acts, OSTARA is returning with their sixth album, the first since ‘The Only Solace’ (2009, Trisol)!

Founded by Richard Leviathan out of the ashes of STRENGTH THROUGH JOY (that also featured Douglas P. as a member), the band has released the highly successful albums ‘Secret Homeland’ (2000), ‘Kingdom Gone’ (2002), ‘Ultima Thule’ (2003) through World Serpent and Eis & Licht, followed by two more albums on Trisol.

The all new opus ‘Paradise ...
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1.Debt On Credit
2.Paradise Down South
3.Darkness Over Eden
4.Heart On The Rock
5.Garden Of The Rain
6.Silent Symphony
7.Story Of Lament
8.Vagrant Heart
9.Black Hole Of Light
10.Wreath Made Hollow
11.Dark Romance
12.Lone Wolf Cry