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"Brònagh (Limited Edition)"

CD + Book

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Release: 2014
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Othila - Brònagh (Limited Edition) CD + Book

Limited Edition of 300 copies. Box including CD+BOOK+4Ex-Libris

After their 7” Titouan released last year, the Neo-folk/Ethno/Pagan act Othila is back with a new full length album of Ethno Pagan Ambient music. For sure their best and very much in the high quality of their earlier ‘Elements’ and ‘Continents’ albums on Divine Comedy! Sometimes ritual, sometimes epic, always cinematographic, the 10 tracks of Brónagh illustrate novels (in French) from the 60 pages book included to the sumptuously beautiful box.

Visual artists like Jean-Marc Dauvergne, Sergio Toppi, Aleksi Briclot and Jean-Baptiste Monge are part of the project too with many illustrations and paintings that enrich the book inside the box.

Brónagh is the last part of Othila’s Celtic Trilogy (after Yula and Titouan). This album is for fans of Test Dept’s ‘Terra Firma’ and ‘Gododdin’ and all those of you ready for a mystical trip in mysterious and fantastic Celtic countries.

A must have. Highly recommended.
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1.Dernier Combat – 5.17
2.Krahen – 5.39
3.La Forêt Du Destin – 4.32
4.Roth An Diabhail – 4.56
5.Yula (2013) – 6.48
6.Lhyz – 3.06
7.Brónagh – 7.02
8.La Forêt De Pierres – 5.01
9.Louve – 4.51
10.Bringlodi – 1.53