InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann


"A World In Red"


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Release: 2018
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OTX - A World In Red CD

Dem in Frankreich beheimatete Anglo-Italiener Stefano Piredda gelingt es in beeindruckender Weise Stile wie Electronica, Techno und Ambient zu mischen und zu einer perfekt sphärischen Melange zu verschmelzen.
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Label's catalogue number:FW 009
1.Not For The Angels
2.To Die For A Lie
3.Genes And Diseases
4.Last Train To Southeast
5.Blood For Oil (In Abou Ghraib)
6.Breaking Fences
7.Countdown To Chaos
8.Cyber Murder
9.Air Fighters
10.Altered State Of Consciousness
11.Light Like The Sun
12.Radio Free PKD
13.Empusae (Remix)
14.Blood For Oil (Remix)