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"Infacted Recordings - Electro-Box Vol.1"



Release: 2015
Status: Sold out
Package - Infacted Recordings - Electro-Box Vol.1 10CD

10 Cds for the price of 2 CD!


Inhalt:01 Grendel - Timewave Zero02 X Marks the Pedwalk - The House of Rain03 Aircrash Bureau - Pack Leader04 Shiv-R - Wax Wings Will Burn05 Binary Park - Singularity06 SN-A - Transmission (Solo Project by X Marks the Pedwalk)07 Orange Sector - Krieg & Frieden08 Grendel - Chemicals & Circuitry09 Heimatarede - Unwesen10 ES23 - Mutatio Ex Machina
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