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"Start (Limited Edition)"


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Release: July 2019
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Page - Start (Limited Edition) LP

Limited Vinyl Edition of strictly 300 copies!

The pioneers and Sweden's most classic electronic pop group, Page, released the EP "Start EP" on CD (ERCDS171) last year and now in connection with the release of the new album “Fakta För Alla” (ERLP174 / ERCD174), a SPECIAL EXTENDED vinyl edition is released. The vinyl edition goes under the name "Start Album“ and contains 11 tracks that have not previously been released on vinyl before. The vinyl edition includes both remixes by Apoptygma Berzerk and Johan Baeckström, but also cover versions, new versions of old classics as well as previously unreleased songs and reduxes.
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1.A1 Start (5:24)
2.A2 Stör Ej (3:49)
3.A3 Knockout (3:50)
4.A4 Sånt Som Inte Går [Johan Baeckström Redux] (3:41)
5.A5 Det Syns Ingen Snö [Demo] (4:51)
6.B1 Krasch [Apoptygma Berzerk Redux] (4:59)
7.B2 Spår (3:58)
8.B3 Det Var Ingenting [Feat Thomas Jansson Ensemble] (4:14)*
9.B4 I Know You Know (3:44)
10.B5 Samma Intresse [Demo] (2:37)*
11.B6 Start [Britpop Version By Pierre] (5:09)