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Release: 2012
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PAKT. - Berlin CD

There are few albums that have been as eagerly awaited in the scene as the debut of Pakt., helmed by Electro-Pop-veterans Chris Ruiz and Gio Van Oli (both ex-And One). And... what can we say? 'Berlin' delivers in spades! The album is melodic, club-compatible, hard as well as hearty, with rawness and edges and catchy as hell all at the same time - a hit-laden mix of pure Synth Pop, EBM, Electroclash and German Indie credibility. Pakt. have managed to conjure up a gem of electronic Pop music that is modern, multi-layered and just plain exciting, just like the two lads' home city that this record has been named after.

'Berlin' is the perfect proof for the fact that electronic music can rock like hell: Smashing. Kicking. Fits hand in glove. Join the Pakt.!
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InfraRot item number:2010.953
Label:Out Of Line
Label's catalogue number:OUT543
1.Freitag Der 13
3.Burn Home Burn
4.Schwarz & Weiss
6.Grey Into Red
7.All Reminds Me
11.The Fish