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"Above the Absolute"


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Release: 2018
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Panacea - Above the Absolute LP

ANACEA by the prolific producer Mathis Mootz is very well known within the electro-scene. His contribution to the electro community is not limited to Panacea, but also includes m2 (squaremeter) with releases on mille pleateux, ant-zen and hands. ‘Above the Absolute’ is a 12’’ of mercenary techno produced with expert skill. The opening track ‘above the absolute 96‘ is pure sound wave balance with all the components for what is sure to light any dance floor on fire. ‘Most basic Resolution‘ is a dark, mood shifting, hard acid techno, pure old school for the hardcore. ‘Overdrive ee‘ continues in a more contemporary direction and demonstrates a mastery of percussive elements in tune with the kind of atmosphere that brings people together in the dark. The final track ‘Walter‘ goes back into the future with a track aimed at the headstrong, an exceptional closing chapter that hits dead centre on the search of the perfect beat. An overall completely impressive work from an artist who has set no limitations for himself!
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Label:Sonic Groove
1.A1 Above The Absolute 96
2.A2 Most Basic Resolution
3.B1 Overdrive Ee
4.B2 Walter