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Release: August 2020
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Pandoria - Clean CD

When two legendary people of the early german electronic body music movement team up to create a new band/project it can surely only lead to something great. After the successful release of their first single outtake „Crush“, Martin Bodewell (Orange Sector, Zoth Ommog) and Stephan Tesch (Paranoid, SPV/Machinery) present their first longplayer on compact disc and digital. Twelve songs on one album paying tribute to the early German electronic body music movement as well as sounding fresh and modern. The album adapts the present, looks back as well as opening the view on what is to come. Recorded at Hannover (Germany) based „Wellencocktail“-studios also sound wise the level is up! While being melodic, „Clean“ is also rough and without any compromises. Typical baselines known from artists of the genre like Orange Sector, DAF, Nitzer Ebb or Paranoid give the lead while „Clean“ is surely able to deliver more! Martins massive shout vocals cover many different themes of our time to make you think. Get „Clean“! Get This!
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4.Déjà Vu
5.Sound, Mind And Memory
7.Chain Around My Heart
8.What Have You Done
9.What Is Love
11.Crush (Single Version)
12.Crush (Rob Dust Remix)