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"Der Doctor Schnabel von Rom (Limited Edition)"


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Release: March 2021
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Pankow - Der Doctor Schnabel von Rom (Limited Edition) LP

панков are back with a vengeance (and a mask...)! The legendary Italian Industrial pioneers, active since 1979, release a new 5-tracks mini-album (45 rpm on Side A, 33 1/3 rpm on Side B), coming as usual with Pankow in outstanding artwork and packaging, with Gold print both on the extra-heavy Outer and Inner sleeves. The 5 new tracks offer a first glimpse on the forthcoming all new Pankow-album, expected for May 2021.
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1.A1 Australia Is Burning [7:02]
2.A2 There Is No Such Thing As Past Of Future [5:28]
3.B1 Ecocalypse [4:08]
4.B2 Don’T Fall In Love With Death (Nobd) [6:14]
5.B3 By This River [5:54]