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"The Cold Room"


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Release: 2015
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Para/Normal - The Cold Room CD

Style: Darkwave, Electro, EBM. Mexican electro/EBM act Para/Normal adds another masterpiece to their discography with the new full-length, mixed by legendary Claus Larsen of LeaetherStrip! Eleven powerful songs are just waiting to surprise you with high dosages of danceable energy, combining a whole lot of electronica, synthpop, darkwave and EBM that will captivate you entirely: shadowy, futuristic melodies, pulsing, symmetrical percussion and a harmonious flow of synths, form the sound structure of the 11 tracks. Polarizing sonorities, suggestive vocal formulas, super-danceable rhythms: get ready to be astonished by this strong album!
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Label:Space Race Records
1.Cold Spot
2.Ghost Radio
4.Reaching Hands
5.Paint It Black
6.On My Own
9.Tears Of Stone
10.Blind World
11.The Haunted