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Parade Ground

"The 15th Floor (Extended)"


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Release: April 2021
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Parade Ground - The 15th Floor (Extended) CD

After their impressive debut album (which was preceded by a row of critically acclaimed 12" releases), Parade Ground recorded material for their follow up album in 1989. But this album was shelved due to various reasons and only a few tracks of these recordings showed up before 2012, when the main album "The 15th Floor" was finally released on vinyl. With the release of the "The 15th Floor" CD finally all tracks of the main album are being made available for the very frist time on CD, including also a previously unreleased mix of "A Day at the Park". All tracks have been specially re-mastered for this ‘Extended’ CD
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1.Entertain Me
2.A Day At The Park
3.Marble Mind
4.Rage And Torments
5.The 15Th Floor
7.Stirring Hands
8.In Fortitude
9.Bound For Heaven
10.Turn Tables
11.My Morning Friend
12.Self Unmade Man
13.Wind Of Adventure
15.A Day At The Park (German Mix)