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Paulina Cassidy

"Sugar Wingshiver"


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Release: 2014
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Paulina Cassidy - Sugar Wingshiver CD

In 4-panel eco-wallet. File under: Darkwave, Dreampop, Ethereal… Whimsical, quirky dreampop. Paulina uses her sultry, rich voice as a potent ethereal instrument in combi-nation with her fluidly-layered compositions, drawing the listener into her fascinating world. Imagine Kate Bush meets Monica Richards (Faith & the Muse) with a dusting of Tori Amos to finish off the brew. Sugar Wingshiver‘s surreal atmospheres are unpredictable, yet mesmerizing, with lush textured strains settled alongside exotic, tribalesque pieces; the music has an ethereal beauty imbued with both the ligh-ness of fairy kisses and the darkness of ghostly whispers. This album is a treat for the discerning lover of the furtive muse.

Born in Ontario, Canada, Paulina ...
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