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Release: November 2020
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Persephone - Home CD

The Re-Release of the already sold out and highly sought-after debut album. Persephone is Sonja Kraushofer and her solo debut, "Home", is a beautiful exhibit of musical and lingual nostalgia made palatable to modern lsiteners. It explores the spiriutal, cultural, and other essential paths of existence that we have taken once before, and demonstrates what made them invigorating for some, and excruciating for others. For "Home" Sonja invited Tobias Hahn and Dirk Riegert, the two masterminds behind Janus and producers for bands like Sopor Aeternus and Samsas Traum. The twelve tracks on this album very greatly in length, and have the diversity in tone and instrumentation that made Janus' "Schlafende Hunde" such a successful album. The three musicians gracefully move from rhythmically oriented songs with strong mediaval leanings to melodically rich, dark neo-classical pieces. In a sense, "Home" is a dark blend of the best moments of Sopor Aeternus and Dead Can Dance, but without being a mere copy. Besides many classical musicians (violin, cello, bassoon, oboe, clarinet and much more) this album features Wim, ex-guitar player of Christian Death. Moreover the astonshing artwork has been completely created by Joachim Luetke (Marilyn Manson, Dimmu Borgir, Pain). Be prepared for something very, very special visual and musical wise! A truly masterpiece definitely setting new standards.
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1.My Prayer
3.The Day You Went Away
4.Guardian Angel
5.The Gift
6.The Man Who Swallowed My Soul
7.Beautiful Prince
8.Forest Song
9.My Greatest Day
12.Coming Home