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Pete Crane

"That Annihilated Place"


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Release: 2020
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Pete Crane - That Annihilated Place CD

Known for fronting the industrial-electro band SHIV-R, which since 2010 has released 4 full-length albums and toured extensively throughout over 20 countries worldwide including festivals such as WGT (Germany), Kinetik (Canada), Mechanismus (USA) and Infest (UK), Pete Crane now presents a solo, self-titled project of instrumental industrial club music. Further to SHIV-R, Pete Crane has recorded numerous guest appearances and remixes for artists such as REAPER, MEKOTAM, EXTIZE and MORIS BLAK, worked extensively with AMELIA ARSENIC as a writer and producer, and has contributed electronics to OUR LAST ENEMY. Further to being a music creator and performer, Pete Crane also co-runs the record label BLIND MICE PRODUCTIONS and has DJed in clubs globally. Pete Crane’s debut album “That Annihilated Place” will be released on 6 March 2020 on CD+Digital by Infacted Recordings, with the first single “You Are Not Your Body” (including remixes by Xotox, Moris Blak.
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1.Great But Not Forgotten
2.You Are Not Your Body
3.Hate Is All I Have
4.Together We Suffer
6.At The End Of All Things
7.Messed Up
10.Bellows From The Deep
12.Three Phase