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Peter Baumann

"Machines Of Desire"


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Release: 2017
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Peter Baumann - Machines Of Desire LP + CD

From 1971 to 1977 Peter Baumann was a member of legendary TANGERINE DREAM, the inventors of the electronic music genre „Berlin School“. He pro-duced many seminal records in his Paragon studio (e.g. Schnitzler, Cluster, Roedelius...) and released several successful solo albums. ‘Machines of Desire’ is his first solo album since 1983 (!). Baumann: “Machines of Desire is filled with many influences, not least of them, my time with Tangerine Dream. Recording this album has been a very rich experience that fulfilled my creative desires, with more to come.”
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Label:Bureau B
1.The Blue Dream
2.Searching In Vain
3.Valley Of The Gods
4.Echoes In The Cave
5.Ordinary Wonder
6.Crossing The Abyss
7.Dancing In The Dark
8.Dust To Dust