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Peter Baumann

"Romance 76"


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Release: January 2017
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Peter Baumann - Romance 76 CD

From 1971 to 1977, Peter Baumann was a member of legendary Berlin band TANGERINE DREAM. The group were pioneers of the so called Berliner Schule (Berlin School) which had such a profound impact on electronic music. He produced a number of momentous albums at his Paragon Studio (by Conrad Schnitzler, Cluster, Roedelius...) and also enjoyed success as a solo artist. His first two solo works are now being reissued with extensive liner notes and rare photographs. The influence of Tangerine Dream can clearly be heard on “Romance 76”, although the arrangements are comparatively minimalist—a state of affairs for which David Bowie can be held partially responsible! “We were in Berlin and met him for dinner, then he would call in while I was recording the album, listening carefully to what I was working on. I explained to him what still needed to be done, but Bowie suggested: ‘Leave it as it is, there’s enough there already.’ At which point Baumann decided to look at the tracks in question as finished.
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1.Bicentennial Presentation
3.Phase By Phase
4.Meadow Of Infinity Part I
5.The Glass Bridge
6.Meadow Of Infinity Part Ii