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Peter Murphy

"Alive Just For Love"


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Release: 2001
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Peter Murphy - Alive Just For Love 2CD

Der Ex-Bauhaus Sänger präsentiert auf dieser Live-CD, aufgenommen aufseiner 2000er Tour, seine besten Songs mit sagenhafter Akustik inbestechender Qualität.Auf der Bonus-CD finden sich einige rare Bauhaus Versionen und eineCoverversion des Elvis Songs "Love Me Tender".
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Label's catalogue number:MET213
1.Cool Cool Breeze [Live]
2.All Night Long [Live]
3.Keep Me From Harm [Live]
4.Indigo Eyes [Live]
5.Subway [Live]
6.I'll Fall With Your Knife [Live]
7.Marlene Dietrich's Favourite Poem [Live]
8.A Strange Kind Of Love [Live]
9.My Last Two Weeks [Live]
10.Big Love Of A Tiny Fool [Live]
11.Gliding Like A Whale [Live]
12.Cuts You Up [Live]
13.Time Has Got Nothing To Do With It [Live]
14.Angelic Harmony [Live]
15.Who Killed Mr. Moonlight [Live]
16.All We Ever Wanted Was Everything [Live]
17.Hope (Midnight Proposal) [Live]
18.Love Me Tender [Live]