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Peter & The Test Tube Babies

"Pissed & Proud (+Rarities 12")"


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Release: 2015
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Peter & The Test Tube Babies - Pissed & Proud (+Rarities 12

FANTASTIC 180 GRAM BLUE VINYL - 500 ONLY LIMITED EDITION PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES - "Pissed And Proud" double LP set comprising of the classic 13-track Punk album plus Bonus tracks featuring rare studio cuts from their punk heyday, including the two Indie chart hits "Banned From The Pubs" & "Run Like Hell", a 4-track radio session from 1980, their very first demo and their contributions to the seminal compilations "Oi! The Album" & "Carry On Oi!"; complete with original LP artwork with original song lyrics & sleevenotes by author Ian Glasper.
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1.Moped Lads
2.Banned From The Pubs
3.Evis Is Dead
4.Up Yer Bum
5.Smash 'n' Grab
6.Run Like Hell
8.Intensive Care
9.Keep Britain Untidy
12.Down To The Disco
13.The Leader
14.Intensive Care (Oi! The Album)
15.Wanna Rob A Bank (Oi! The Album)
16.Transvestite (Carry On Oi!)
17.Maniac (Carry On Oi!)
18.Banned From The Pubs (1St No Future Single)
19.Moped Lads (1St No Future Single)
20.Peacehaven Wild Kids (1St No Future Single)
21.Run Like Hell (2Nd No Future Single)
22.Up Yer Bum (2Nd No Future Single)