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Phantom Forth

"The EEPP"

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Release: 2016
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Phantom Forth - The EEPP LP

Phantom Forth were the brother sister team of Paul Luker (Guitar, Bass, Vocals), Debbie Luker (Drums, Guitar, Vocals) and Lorraine Steele (Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals). They formed in 1981 in Auckland, New Zealand. Paul began recording his own music after purchasing a 2-track from Oceania Sound. He formed a band with his flatmate and eventually met Lorraine through Debbie. With a shared love of Young Marble Giants and Cabaret Voltaire they started to rehearse at LAB Studio.

‘The EEPP’ was recorded in ...
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Label:Dark Entries
2.Double Negative
4.I Don't Know You
5.Dead Dream
7.Saw You Hide
8.See You
10.Night Time Falls