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Release: June 2018
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Pig - Risen CD

Some Messiahs deliver their Gospel, hang out for a long weekend & then leave the rest to the followers. The Lord of The Lard calls on Ben Christo (The Sister of Mercy), Z.Marr (Pull out Kings), En Esch (KMFDM), Tim Skold (Shutgun Messiah, ex-Kmfdm, ex-Marilyn Manson...), Marc Heal & Phil Barry (both Cubanate), Mark Thwaite (Mob Research, MGT) and others, and gets to work on bringing glam to the damned!

“Risen” is the unadulterated & driven sound of pure <PIG>, adorned only by the poetry Raymond Watts provides.
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1.The Chosen Few
2.Morphine Machine
3.Loud, Lawless & Lost
4.The Revelation
5.Truth Is Sin
6.The Vice Girls
7.Rise & Repent
8.Leather Pig
9.When I’M Done
10.The Cult Of Chaos
11.The Hangman’S Wooing
12.Prey & Obey
13.Hard Machine
14.Ecstasy & Exorcism