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"The merciless Light"


Veröffentlichung: September 2022
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Pig - The merciless Light CD

What does worldwide quarantine do to our favorite porcine libertine? Raymond Watts holed up in his sty, creating The Merciless Light, the new album from <PIG>. Ably aided and abetted by long time accomplices En Esch and Steve White, On The Merciless Light, Watts welcomes a new swine to the trough, as Jim Davies (Pitchshifter/The Prodigy/Hans Zimmer/Extreme Music, and more) joins, lending a whole new level of impeccable credibility and talent. The new album seethes, swings, seduces and snarls. Extraordinary electronics and a glut of glitz, glam, guitars and grooves create a masterful mélange of mirth malice and winking wit from our very own venerable Vicar of Vice, <PIG>.
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1.No Yes More Less
2.Veni Vidi Vici
3.Feed The Wound
4.Speak Of Sin
6.Glitz Krieg
7.Sugar My Pill
8.The Dark Room
9.The Merciless Light
11.Obliteration Liberation
12.The Judas Chair