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Pink Turns Blue

"Meta (Limited Clear Vinyl)"



Release: August 2019
Status: Sold out
Pink Turns Blue - Meta (Limited Clear Vinyl) LP

Recorded on the heels of their debut album If Two World Kiss (Also reissued by Dais on August 9th) and informed by the band's oscillating live synergy and bolstered by a boon of new equipment and texture, Pink Turns Blue's sophomore album Meta (1988) was a conceptual leap predicated by the study of sound and exploration of its edges. With the same fervor that Joy Division mined deeper, darker, and less linear on Closer, Meta is a cohesive meditation on atmosphere and how every note and passage can traverse space individually and as part of a larger narrative. Singles "Touch the Skies" and "Your Master Is Calling" are the albums cornerstones; airy, steady, and driving tracks with a depth of melody and orchestration that sparked a shimmering new example of dark pop. The instrumental balance throughout the album creates a strobe light journey later echoed throughout gothic compatriots exploring minor keys and nocturnal themes.
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Label:Dais Records
1.The First
2.The Curse
3.Your Master Is Calling
5.Cult Of The Beautiful
6.Celebration's Day
7.Touch The Skies
9.Faces Of The Gone