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"The Post-Modern Prometheus"



Veröffentlichung: 2011
Status: Ausverkauft
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Plasmodium - The Post-Modern Prometheus CD

After the excellent debut 'Paradise under Fire' Plasmodivm return with a non-comformist, defiant and fresh work, that combines part of the sound known from the previous work, with more melodic elements, both at vocal and musical levels. While the debut showed strong influences of 90´s dark-EBM sound, this opus offers a more complex, still dark electronic sound. Introducing more melodic influences and a well-crafted production, both the vocal and musical side represent a strong improvement for this project with a bright future!

More than repeating schemes and structures, Plasmodivm offers surprising results beyond the present stagnant electro-dark scene. Short: An album whose mixture of influences, power of sound and excellent production can be located between the best work of bands such as Velvet Acid Christ, Wumpscut, Leaether Strip, Suicide Commando and others with a more melodic touch of projects like SITD, Solitary Experiments or Assemblage 23. Get ready for this sonic mutation of the Plasmodivm virus! No vaccination needed - turn up your stereo and enjoy! It's include a 12 pages booklet.
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InfraRot Artikelnummer:2008.183
Label:Caustic Records
1.I Have Killed A Man
2.Instinto Homicida
4.Dead Inside
5.Vía Negativa
6.Unbreakable Will
7.Post-Modern / Post-Human
8.The Beginning Of My End
9.The Fear Of Being Alive
10.High-Speed Collision
11.Smashing White Pills
12.A New Beginning
13.Lost Dreams