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Plastic Noise Experience

"Push and Punish (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2016
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Plastic Noise Experience - Push and Punish (Limited Edition) LP + CD


And to celebrate the event, old-school EBM veteran Claus Kruse made exclusive “vinyl remixes” of 11 songs taken from his sophomore “Therapy” album, giving them a real “12” extended version” feel, just like in the good old days…

And that’s not all! This beautiful limited vinyl edition also includes a CD version of the LP songs plus 8 bonus exclusive remixes by other EBM acts like ORANGE SECTOR, NORDARR, MRDTC, T.H. INDUSTRY, AKALOTZ, DIE6, CITRIC ACID and SOLAR POWERED VAMPYRE. While he is still working on his next studio release, [PNE] offers here a nice present to his hardcore fanbase who actively and stubbornly kept begging for a vinyl release. A wish come true!

Titled after the band’s latest club hit, “Push and Punish” displays the German cult-act’s ultimate aggressive sonic assault made of ripping basslines, hammering beats, fast dark electro sequences, powerful angry male vocals and carrying electronic melodies.

Enjoy this sonic EBM punishment at maximum volume!
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Label:Alfa Matrix
1.A01 Control Vinyl Mix
2.A02 Mercy Vinyl Mix
3.A03 Last Call Vinyl Mix
4.A04 Chapter Five Vinyl Mix
5.A05 Feel Me Vinyl Mix
6.A06 Therapy Vinyl Mix
7.B07 Push And Punish Vinyl Mix
8.B08 Chapter Four Vinyl Mix
9.B09 Electronic Bodies Vinyl Mix
10.B10 Communication Breakdown Vinyl Mix
11.B11 Chapter Six Vinyl Mix
12.01 Control Vinyl Mix
13.02 Mercy Vinyl Mix
14.03 Last Call Vinyl Mix
15.04 Chapter Five Vinyl Mix
16.05 Feel Me Vinyl Mix
17.06 Therapy Vinyl Mix
18.07 Push And Punish Vinyl Mix
19.08 Chapter Four Vinyl Mix
20.09 Electronic Bodies Vinyl Mix
21.10 Communication Breakdown Vinyl Mix
22.11 Chapter Six Vinyl Mix
23.12 Push And Punish Remixed By Orange Sector
24.13 Push And Punish Remixed By Citric Acid
25.14 Push And Punish Remixed By Nordarr
26.15 Push And Punish Remixed By T.h.industry
27.16 Push And Punish Remixed By Akalotz
28.17 Push And Punish Remixed By Die6
29.18 Last Call Remixed By Mrdtc
30.19 Last Call Remixed By Solar Powered Vampyre