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Plastique Noir

"24 Hours Awake"


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Release: 2015
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Plastique Noir - 24 Hours Awake CD

Third official album by the legendary Brazilian Darkwave Goth Rock Post Punk act!

In their 10th year of existence, the acclaimed Brazilian post punk act Plastique Noir is back with a new work, that takes the band to a new level, also containing more tracks than any of the two previous albums. All of the songs run ripping (and not only in terms of BPM!) with a quite rocky attitude. It’s a minimalist album, but composed and recorded with more layers of sounds and in a much improved technical accuracy than before. Not only the fast beats, well known from ‘Dead Pop’ and ‘Affects’ are back, but also that strong melancholy and romantic charge, for which the Band has always gained a lot of praise (tracks: "Chariots" & "Gall Bladder (Rancor)". The despair and existential misalignment also take place, as on "Tyrannosaur" and "Vésper" – their very first composition in their mother tongue Portuguese ever! There’s still place for a briefpolitical commentary on "Torn Brazil" (which features the female vocals of Karolina, of celebrated Brazilian gothic duo Escarlatina Obsessiva) and aesthetic experimentation outside the gothic spectrum on "Point Break".
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1.My Drifting Flight
2.24 Hours Awake
3.Losing Halo
5.Dystopian Song
6.Secret Admirer
7.Dead Boys
8.Rock‘N’Roll Is Over
9.Torn Brazil
10.The Falling Queens District
11.Point Break
14.Gall Bladder (Rancor)