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Polaroid Kiss

"Pay Your Dues"


Release: 2015
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Polaroid Kiss - Pay Your Dues CD

The brilliant pre from their upcoming debut album "Youth" has now arrived in the form of "Pay Your Dues", a sophisticated 9-track EP. A collection of songs that is hard to surpass, where creativity, freshness and wealth of expression are concerned. Polaroid Kiss's trademark, the charismatic multi-voice singing inspires the heart and soul with breath-taking melodies pave the way for a journey that enables one to forget anything else. "Pay Your Dues" becomes an unbelievable and profound listening experience.The music further develops upon the melodic sounds of the 80's in a new and modern approach, leaving the listener among a new era of monumental songs yet to be discovered. An era where, besides synthesizers, and songs, it is guitars once again that add a sublime and yet coherent singularity. So, just dive in - to a different and unique world that will enchant you!
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1.Pay Your Dues (Radio Mix)
2.Walk The Room (Feat. Steve Kilbey)
3.Knowing (Neil Barnes Reverence Rmx)
4.Pay Your Dues (Assemblage 23 Rmx)
5.The New Coliseum (Brandun Reed Mix)
6.Pay Your Dues (Iron Blu Rmx)
7.Pay Your Dues (Howie B Rmx)
8.Pay Your Dues (Howie B Instrumental Rmx)
9.Pay Your Dues (Instrumental Demo)