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"Sein lernen Remixes"


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Release: 2015
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Polygon - Sein lernen Remixes CD

Remix album based on the recently released album ‘Sein lernen’, that was extremely well welcomed by press and music lovers alike! The remixed versions of the original album features creative musicians from the dark scene, that added a completely different look and form to the material and opens new gates of modern electro sound. The result is colorful and ear catchy, thanks to the input of creative figures in electro: Flint Glass, Mnemonic, ab Ovo, Huron and many more + 3 Polygon remixes. Comes in Mini-DVD packaging, limited to 333 copies!
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Label:Aliens Production
1.Gestern (Flint Glass)
2.Tag Ohne Gestern (Recfrag)
3.Endstation (Mnemonic)
4.Autophobie (Ab Ovo)
5.Gemein-Samer Nenner (Polygon)
6.Kalter Fleck (Huron)
7.Der Konstrukteur (Klangarchies)
8.Der Lügner (Normotone)
9.Experimente (Headdreamer)
10.Sein Lassen (Polygon)
11.Der Träumer (Polygon)
12.Erinnerung An Mich (Nuance)